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History - 1907

Grand View Near Entrance
While the park was successful right from the start, the money to really expand the park into Chicago's premier amusement park came when Nicholas Valerius and Paul Cooper came into the company in 1907. That year alone, $550,000 worth of attractions were added to Riverview including the classic front gate, the Hellgate ride, and two roller coasters.

The first coaster was named the Top, because it was spiral-shaped like a top and the coaster trains revolved around it. As the trains went around it, the whole coaster structure wobbled like a top. The second coaster was the Velvet Coaster, named for its gentle dips.

In a new section of the park called Fairyland, Riverview built one of its signature rides, the Shoot-the-Chutes. Note in the picture at right, the Aero-Stat has not yet been moved from the front of the park to its later position next to the Chutes. This ride was immensely popular, and on busy days you could expect to wait a long time for a ride, with no re-rides permitted.
Velvet Coaster
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